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2013 Fire Workshop
Arroyo Toad Monitoring and Management
Blue Sky Ecological Reserve Fire Restoration and Invasive Removal
Coastal Cactus Wren Conservation Network
Covered and Invasive Species Management: Crestridge Ecological Reserve and South Crest Properties
Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) Monitoring and Management Plan
Hermes Copper Adult Surveys
Hodges Reservoir-Bernardo Bay Cactus Wren Habitat Restoration Grant Project
Pollinator Monitoring Plan
Prioritizing Conserved Areas Threatened by Wildfire and Fragmentation for Monitoring and Management
Proctor Valley Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) Barrier
Rare Butterfly Management and Conservation Planning- 2016 Harbison's Dun Skipper Flight Season Surveys
Rare Butterfly Management Studies- Transloaction 2016
Rare Plant Inspect and Manage Monitoring 2014-2026
Regional Grazing Monitoring Plan
San Diego County Harbison’s Dun Skipper (Euphyes vestris harbisoni) Habitat Conservation and Management Plan

Files and Documents

2013 0.0. Introduction - 2013 Fire Workshop

Author(s):Rochester, Carlton

2013 1.03 Responses of arroyo toads to wildfires

Author(s):Brown, Chris

2014 2013 Fire and Wildlife Strategic Plan Workshop San Diego County- California

Author(s):Rochester, Carlton; Fisher, Robert N.

2010 Bat communities of Rancho Jamul Ecological Reserve and Santa Ysabel Open Space Preserve before and after 2003 wildfires

Author(s):Rochester, Carlton; Backlin, Adam R.; Stokes, Drew; Mitrovich, Milan; Brehme, Cheryl; Fisher, Robert N.

Fire driven alien invasion in a fire-adapted ecosystem

Author(s):Keeley, Jon; Brennan, Teresa

2019 Hermes Copper Surveys: 2019 Flight Season

Author(s):Marschalek, Dan; Deutschman, Douglas

2010 Plant Community Responses to Large-scale wildfires at four wildlife areas in southern California

Author(s):Rochester, Carlton; Mitrovich, Milan; Clark, Denise; Mendelsohn, Mark; Stokes, Drew; Fisher, Robert N.

2018 Prioritizing conserved areas threatened by wildfire and fragmentation for monitoring and management

Author(s):Diffendorfer, Jay; Fisher, Robert N.; Franklin, Janet; Hathaway, Stacie; MacKenzie, Jason; Oberbauer, Thomas; Preston, Kris; Rochester, Carlton; Syphard, Alexandra; Tracey, Jeff; Tremor, Scott; Vandergast, Amy; Winchell, Clark

2017 Regional Occupancy and Post-Fire Recovery of California Gnatcatcher in Southern California

Author(s):Kus, Barbara; Preston, Kris; Houston, Alexandra

2010 Reptile and Amphibian Responses to Large-scale Wildfires in Southern California

Author(s):Rochester, Carlton; Brehme, Cheryl; Clark, Denise; Stokes, Drew; Hathaway, Stacie; Fisher, Robert N.

2008 Responses in Bird Communities to Wildland Fires in Southern Calilfornia

Author(s):Mendelsohn, Mark; Brehme, Cheryl; Rochester, Carlton; Stokes, Drew; Hathaway, Stacie; Fisher, Robert N.

Responses of Arroyo Toads to Wildfires

Author(s):Brown, Chris; Brehme, Cheryl; Hathaway, Stacie; Fisher, Robert N.