San Diego Management & Monitoring Program

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2017-2019 Developing a Map of Ecological Integrity Using Remote Sensing
An Adaptive Management Approach to Recovering Burrowing Owl Populations and Restoring a Grassland Ecosystem in San Diego County
Argentine Ant Study
Bat Community Management and Monitoring
Carlsbad Wildlife Movement Analysis
Coastal Cactus Wren Conservation Network
Covered and Invasive Species Management: Crestridge Ecological Reserve and South Crest Properties
Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) Monitoring and Management Plan
Hermes Copper Adult Surveys
Mountain Lion Road Crossing and Deterrent Methods Evaluations
MSCP Wildlife Corridor Monitoring
Open Space Enforcement Program (CDFW and County Sheriff)
Quino Habitat Restoration
Rare Plant Inspect and Manage Monitoring 2014-2026
San Dieguito Citizen Science Monitoring Program
Small Vertebrate Underpass Study
SR 94 Wildlife Infrastructure Plan

Files and Documents

2020 A Clarification on the Effects of Urbanization on Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) Habitat Selection

Author(s):Tracey, Jeff; Madden, Melanie; Bloom, Peter; Fisher, Robert N.

2015 Assessing Presence of Argentine Ants Using the Bait Method

Author(s):Matsuda, Tritia; Brehme, Cheryl; Fisher, Robert N.

2022 Bat Management in San Diego County

Author(s):Myers, Brian; Stokes, Drew; Preston, Kris; Fisher, Robert N.; Vandergast, Amy

2003 CBI 2003 MSCP Linkage Monitoring Review

Author(s):Conservation Biology Institute

2012 Genetic Connectivity in the Coastal Cactus Wren

Author(s):Barr, Kelly; Kus, Barbara; Vandergast, Amy

2015 Genetic Isolation of Coastal Cactus Wren Follows Habitat Fragmentation Patterns in Southern California

Author(s):Barr, K. R.; Kus, Barbara; Preston, Kris; Howell, Scarlett L.; Perkins, Emily; Vandergast, Amy

2018 Multi-scale effects of land cover and urbanization on the habitat suitability of an endangered toad

Author(s):Treglia, Michael ; Landon, Adam C.; Fisher, Robert N.; Gerard, Kyle; Fitzgerald, Lee

2018 Rare Butterfly Monitoring and Translocation

Author(s):Marschalek, Dan; Deutschman, Douglas

2017 Regional Occupancy and Post-Fire Recovery of California Gnatcatcher in Southern California

Author(s):Kus, Barbara; Preston, Kris; Houston, Alexandra


Author(s):Al-Shamas, Frank; Balan, Matt; Carranza, Jecelyn; Nouri, Daniel; Tran, Brian

2015 Survival and Mortality of Pumas (Puma concolor) in a Fragmented, Urbanizing Landscape

Author(s):Vickers, Winston; Sanchez, Jessica; Johnson, Christine; Morrison, Scott; Botta, Randy; Smith, Trish; Cohen, Brian; Huber, Patrick; Ernest, Holly; Boyce, Walter