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Ocean Beach Estuary Enhancement Project

May 18, 2023
The project includes efforts to reduce threats to SO and SL species in the San Diego River estuary and allow human recreational use to coexist with high-quality habitat. The San Diego River estuary contains biologically valuable salt marsh and coastal dune habitats, which are increasingly rare in the region. Several SO and SL species occur in this project area including: salt marsh bird's beak, Nuttall's acmispon, western snowy plover, light-footed Ridgway's rail, and California least tern. The project will utilize management actions to minimize threats and encourage responsible human recreation including: improving access control through physical barriers to reduce threats of trampling, trash and illegal use, managing invasive weeds and planting native species to encourage pollinators of target native plant species, increasing community awareness through community education, and facilitating community investment with hands-on, meaningful volunteer projects, docent-led programs, and outreach, and growing a robust stewardship program to augment limited staff capacity for long-term maintenance of habitat and improvements.
Project Groups
  • SDMMP17 Rare Plant IMG Monitoring

Project Focus

California least tern, Light-footed Ridgway's rail, Nuttall's acmispon, saltmarsh bird's-beak, Western snowy plover

dunes and coastal bluffs, freshwater marsh, salt marsh



The San Diego River Park Foundation

San Diego River Park Foundation

City of San Diego, Multiple Species Conservation Program; City of San Diego, Park and Recreation Department; San Diego Audubon Society

Sarah Hutmacher

Sarah Hutmacher

The San Diego River Park Foundation