San Diego Management & Monitoring Program

Invertebrate Species
Quino Habitat Restoration

Project description

The County of San Diego proposes to reduce a threat to the Quino checkerspot butterfly by increasing and improving habitat on a County-owned site that had previously supported a hundred or more butterflies. The Quino is threatened by development pressure, invasion by non-native grasslands (NNG) and forbs, and, likely, changes to climate and long-term drought. It is considered an MSP Category SL (species at risk of loss). The County intends to significantly enhance improve Quino habitat conditions and connectivity by: 1) identifying and closing roads/portions of road on the site to vehicular activity; 2) preventing off-road vehicle activity that may be bifurcating and destroying Quino habitat; 3) fencing and signing these areas to be restored; 4) controlling and removing invasive NNG that compete with plantago erecta, the primary Quino habitat and food source seeding areas with primarily native plant species required for Quino survival; 5) documenting site condition improvements as well as any beneficial effect for Quino,

Project focus

Project type: Habitat restoration

Target species: Quino checkerspot butterfly

Main implementing entity: County of San Diego, Department of Parks and Recreation

Point of contact: Deborah Mosley

Project Page manager: Sarah McCutcheon

SDMMP lead: Sarah McCutcheon

Study lead: Deborah Mosley

Strategic elements

MSP Objectives and actions:EUPEDI-7

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