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2017-2019 Developing a Map of Ecological Integrity Using Remote Sensing
Argentine Ant Study
Least Bell's Vireo Surveys - Tijuana River Valley
Rare Plant Inspect and Manage Monitoring 2014-2019
San Dieguito Citizen Science Monitoring Program
Shot Hole Borer Surveys and Management Techniques

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Natural Communities Coalition- Public Literature- GSOB & PSHB
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Files and Documents

2015 Assessing the Presence of Argentine Ants Using the Bait Method

Author(s):Brehme, Cheryl; Fisher, Robert N.; Matsuda, Tritia

2018 Management of Invasive Shot Hole Borers/ Fusarium Dieback

Author(s):Eskalen, Akif; Lynch, Shannon; Nobua Behrmann, Beatriz; Kabashima, John