San Diego Management & Monitoring Program

Vegetation Community
Hodges Reservoir-Bernardo Bay Cactus Wren Habitat Restoration Grant Project


Project description

This project restored habitat for the California Species of Special Concern, the coastal cactus wren (Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus), near the Hodges Reservoir-Bernardo Bay. This included a 20 acre restoration of cactus burned in the 2007 Witch Creek Fire. Additionally, unauthorized trails were closed off and the soil was stabilized to minimize erosion and filter runoff into source water reservoir. The purpose of this restoration project was to re-establish cactus wren habitat and connectivity to eastern core habitat areas.

Project focus

Project type: Habitat restoration

Target species: Cactus Wren, Coastal cactus wren

Target vegetation: coastal sage scrub

Main implementing entity: City of San Diego, Public Utilities Department Watershed and Resource Protection Team

Partner: San Diego Association of Governments; San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research; San Dieguito River Park; San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy

Point of contact: John Barone

Project Page manager: Sarah McCutcheon

SDMMP lead: Sarah McCutcheon

Study lead: John Barone

Strategic elements

MSP Objectives and actions:CAMBRU-7