San Diego Management & Monitoring Program

Wildlife Movement
Mountain Lion Road Crossing and Deterrent Methods Evaluations

in progress

Project description

This proposed contract expands upon work conducted under contracts #5004037 and #5004593 between SANDAG and the UC Davis Wildlife Health Center to study mountain lions and their habitat use and movement patterns in San Diego County for conservation purposes. Work under this contract will help to address connectivity and survival threats for mountain lions, other wildlife, livestock, and humans by creating guidance for reducing wildlife-vehicle collisions, improving wildlife connectivity, and reducing mortality of livestock, mountain lions, and other wildlife. Task 1: Conduct highway crossing assessments; Task 2: Test Lion hazing and deterrent devices; Task 3: Write final report.

Project groups


Project Group: Mountain Lion Research, Monitoring, and Management

Project focus

Project type: General Management

Target species: Mountain lion

Investigator: Winston Vickers

Main implementing entity: University of California, Davis

SDMMP lead: Emily Perkins

Study lead: Winston Vickers

Strategic elements

MSP Objectives and actions:PUMCON-6; PUMCON-2