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Appendices C-F. Comprehensive Multi-species Connectivity Assessment and Planning for the Highway 67 Region of San Diego County, California

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File owner: San Diego Management and Monitoring Program

SDSU_SR67_Final_Report_Appendices_D-G.pdf 10.65MB

Type: report

Article abstract: Appendices C-F for Final Report

Number of pages: 58

Authors: Jennings, Megan; Zeller, Katherine;

Month: June

Year: 2017

Purpose: Prepared for SANDAG No. 5004388 Task Order 3

Prepared for: SANDAG;

Prepared by: San Diego State University;

Keywords: connectivity; highway 67; SR-67; wildlife and infrastructure; wildlife corridors; wildlife crossing;

Species: Coachwhip; Wrentit; deer mice; Woodrats; Bobcat; Mule deer; Mountain lion

Threats: Loss of connectivity; Urban development