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Mountain Lion Puma concolor

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MSP Table of Occurrences (MOM)


Artesian Creek Restoration
Connectivity Strategic Plan for Western San Diego County Science Session
Mountain Lion Connectivity and Genetics Study- North San Diego County
Mountain Lion Critical Linkage Evaluation in MSPA
Mountain Lion Road Crossing and Deterrent Methods Evaluations
MSCP Wildlife Corridor Monitoring
San Diego Tracking Team Transect data verification
SR 94 Wildlife Infrastructure Plan
SR-67 Multi-species Connectivity Planning

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Description: Web Mini-Series on Mountain Lions in California

Files and Documents

2017 A single migrant enhances the genetic diversity of an inbred population

Author(s):Boyce, Walter; Ernest, Holly; Gustafson, Kyle; Vickers, Winston

2020 Appendix H

2014 Connectivity Strategic Plan for Western San Diego County Science Session - July 1, 2014 Connectivity Project Summaries

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2010 Effects of large-scale wildfire on carnivores in San Diego County, California

Author(s):Turschak, Greta; Rochester, Carlton; Hathaway, Stacie; Stokes, Drew; Haas, Chris; Fisher, Robert N.

2017 Mountain Lion (Puma concolor) Connectivity in the North San Diego County Multi-species Conservation Plan Area

Author(s):Vickers, Winston; Zeller, Katherine; Ernest, Holly; Gustafson, Kyle; Boyce, Walter

2014 Mountain Lion Connectivity in San Diego County

Author(s):Vickers, Winston; Boyce, Walter; Krucki, Donna; Taylor, Preston; Martin, Barry; Davis, Kimberly; Ryan, Thomas; Wallace, Cody

2014 Mountain Lion Connectivity Study Final Report

Author(s):Vickers, Winston

2015 Survival and Mortality of Pumas (Puma concolor) in a Fragmented, Urbanizing Landscape

Author(s):Vickers, Winston; Sanchez, Jessica; Johnson, Christine; Morrison, Scott; Botta, Randy; Smith, Trish; Cohen, Brian; Huber, Patrick; Ernest, Holly; Boyce, Walter