San Diego Management & Monitoring Program

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Connectivity Strategic Plan for Western San Diego County Science Session

July 1, 2014 - July 1, 2014 completed

Project description

A strategic plan for connectivity (CSP) of preserve lands in western San Diego County was developed for the San Diego Association of Government's Environmental Mitigation Program Working Group (EMPWG) in 2011. It was prepared by the SDMMP utilizing the input from a science workshop held in 2010. Many of the high priority items in the CSP have been completed and the data collected over those several years were utilized to inform management decisions. In 2014, there was a need to update and refocus the connectivity strategies and priorities for implementation. The purpose of this meeting was to gather input for the updated CSP. It followed a similar format to the 2010 connectivity workshop. The meeting consisted of a review of completed and in process projects, followed by breakout groups, and then an integration of ideas and recap session. The breakout groups were: (1) Large Animals and Landscape Connectivity; (2) Small Animals; and (3) Pollinators. The meeting focused on: 1. Identifying species to focus questions on connectivity; 2. Identifying questions and objectives to be considered for connectivity for species, and 3. Identifying available methodologies for addressing the questions and objectives. The updated CSP is found in Volume 3 of the Management Strategic Plan.

Project focus

Project type: Other

Target species: American badger, Bobcat, Mountain lion, Mule deer, San Diego fairy shrimp, Southwestern pond turtle

Data steward: Emily Perkins

Main implementing entity: San Diego Management and Monitoring Program

Point of contact: Kris Preston

Project Page manager: Sarah McCutcheon

SDMMP lead: Kris Preston

Files and Documents

2014 Assessing Connectivity in the MSCP: Effects of Land Use and Climate Change

Author(s):Jennings, Megan; Lewison, Rebecca; Lyren, Lisa; Boydston, Erin

2014 Carlsbad Wildlife Linkage Evaluation

Author(s):Humphrey, Rosanne

2011 Connectivity Monitoring Strategic Plan For the San Diego Preserve System

Author(s):San Diego Management and Monitoring Program

2011 Connectivity Monitoring Strategic Plan for the San Diego Preserve System Appendix 3

Prepared by:Brehme, Cheryl; Lewison, Rebecca; Moore, Yvonne; Remple, Ron; Tracey, Jeff; Vandergast, Amy; Winchell, Clark

2014 Connectivity Project Summary: San Diego Fairy Shrimp

Author(s):Bohonak, Andrew; Simovich, M

2014 Connectivity Project Summary: Southern Mule Deer

Author(s):Bohonak, Andrew; Mitelberg, Anna

2014 Mountain Lion Connectivity in San Diego County

Author(s):Vickers, Winston; Boyce, Walter; Krucki, Donna; Taylor, Preston; Martin, Barry; Davis, Kimberly; Ryan, Thomas; Wallace, Cody

2014 Small Animal Use of Wildlife Underpasses

Author(s):Tracey, Jeff; Brehme, Cheryl; Fisher, Robert N.; Rochester, Carlton; Hathaway, Stacie

2014 U.S. Geological Survey - Linkages Evaluation

Author(s):Rochester, Carlton; Brehme, Cheryl; Fisher, Robert N.