Mountain Lion Connectivity Study Final Report

Type: report

Article abstract: This assessment of mountain lion use of core conserved lands and linkages in western San Diego County (Figures 2 – 4, Tables 1 and 2) was undertaken by the UC Davis Wildlife Health Center as a part of its ongoing Southern California Mountain Lion project. GPS-collaring of mountain lions was undertaken in order to acquire location and movement data from individual lions utilizing core conserved areas and linkages that have been designated by the county. Certain cores and linkages were not judged by experts advising the county to be likely to accommodate regular use by mountain lions (primarily those cores west of I-15), thus those areas were not a focus of this study. However, some trail camera monitoring was done west of I-15 to evaluate the validity of this expectation.

Number of pages: 75

Authors: Vickers, Winston;

Day: 30

Month: June

Year: 2014

Prepared for: San Diego Association of Governments;

Prepared by: University of California, Davis;

Keywords: mountain lion; Puma concolor;

Species: Mountain lion

Threats: Loss of connectivity


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File owner: San Diego Management and Monitoring Program
UCDavis mt lion monitoring final report 063014 final.pdf