Survival and Mortality of Pumas (Puma concolor) in a Fragmented, Urbanizing Landscape

Type: journal article

Article abstract: Wide-ranging large carnivores pose myriad challenges for conservation, especially in highly fragmented landscapes. Over a 13-year period, we combined monitoring of radio collared pumas (Puma concolor) with complementary multi-generational genetic analyses

Number of pages: 18

Authors: Vickers, Winston; Sanchez, Jessica; Johnson, Christine; Morrison, Scott; Botta, Randy; Smith, Trish; Cohen, Brian; Huber, Patrick; Ernest, Holly; Boyce, Walter;

Journal title: PLOS One

Day: 15

Month: July

Year: 2015

Publisher: PLOS One

Keywords: mountain lion; Puma concolor;

Species: Mountain lion

Threats: Loss of connectivity; Urban development


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