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Otay Mesa Vernal Pool Restoration

The primary goal is to expand on previous grant projects to protect, and enhance vernal pool ecosystems, maritime succulent scrub (MSS) and Western burrowing owl habitats in the Goat Mesa and Wruck Canyon vernal pool complexes to create a buffer from invasive weed species and reduce sediment erosion. The main objectives to reach these goals are 1) perform brush/thatch removal and weed control within enhancement areas, 2) collect and broadcast vernal pool species seed within pools and install MSS habitat plants and seed in the upland enhancement areas and 3) install fence around Wruck Canyon vernal pools to protect them from illegal off-road activity. Contracted crews will be hired to perform brush/weed control, herbicide application and be used to collect, grow and bulk vernal pool species seed from nearby pools to seed the vernal pools and install MSS container plants/cuttings/seeds in the habitat enhancement areas. Contracted crews will also be used to install fence, erosion control materials and perform access road repairs as needed to safely access the areas. Container plants, seeds, plant protectors, fence materials and erosion control materials will be purchased directly by City staff or supplied by the contractors. City staff will perform project management.
Project Focus

San Diego button-celery, Western burrowing owl

coastal sage scrub, vernal pools and alkali playa



City of San Diego, Open Space Division

Jason Allen

Jason Allen

Jason Allen

Project Protocol
Invasive Species Removal

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