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Vernal Pools And Alkali Playa

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California orcutt grass
Coulter's saltbush
Orcutt's birds-beak
Otay mesa mint
Parish brittlescale
Quino checkerspot butterfly
Riverside fairy shrimp
San Diego barrel cactus
San Diego button-celery
San Diego fairy shrimp
San Diego goldenstar
San Diego mesa mint
Santa Rosa basalt brodiaea
Southern tarplant
Spreading navarretia
Thread-leaved brodiaea
Variegated dudleya
Western burrowing owl
Western spadefoot


Audubon Mission Bay Dune Restoration
California Least Tern Predator Monitoring (Ternwatchers)
Human impact to vernal pool complexes in Southern California - FundSource1
Human impact to vernal pool complexes in Southern California - FundSource3
J26 Vernal Pool Monitoring- Vista Del Mar Elementary School Project
Shinohara Vernal Pool Restoration
Vegetation Mapping and Classification 2012

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