Transnet Environmental Mitigation Program Grant Agreement #5001761; Final Report for the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge Vernal Pool Invasive Weed Control Project

Type: report

Article abstract: Final report for the subject grant agreement for invasive weed control at the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge (SDNWR) vernal pool restoration site.

Number of pages: 7

Authors: Terp, Jill;

Day: 14

Month: December

Year: 2015

Notes: SANDAG TransNet EMP Land Management Grant #5001761

Prepared for: San Diego Association of Governments;

Prepared by: San Diego National Wildlife Refuge;

Keywords: herbicide; vernal pools; weed control;

Species: bindweed; Otay mesa mint; hyssop loosestrife

Vegetation communities: vernal pools and alkali playa

Threats: Invasive plants