Rare Butterfly Management and Conservation Planning, Task 3: Hermes Copper Adult Surveys at South County Sites

Type: report

Article abstract: In 2016, we conducted butterfly surveys at four sentinel sites (Boulder Creek, Lawson Peak, Roberts Ranch, and Sycuan Peak). Adult Hermes copper counts were similar to 2015 and low compared to 2010-2014. It is likely that the continued drought conditions are suppressing adult emergence. No Hermes copper adults were observed at sites that burned in 2003 or 2007 suggesting natural recolonization has not occurred. (Contract: #5004388, Task Order #2)

Number of pages: 23

Authors: Marschalek, Dan; Deutschman, Douglas;

Day: 29

Month: September

Year: 2016

Notes: SANDAG TransNet EMP Contract: # 5004388

Prepared for: San Diego Association of Governments;

Prepared by: San Diego State University, Department of Biology;

Keywords: butterflies; butterfly surveys; fire recovery; Hermes copper (Lycaena hermes);

Species: Hermes copper

Threats: Altered fire regime


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