San Diego Management & Monitoring Program

Threats and Stressors
2013 Fire Workshop


Project description

This task involves organzing and hosting a Wildland Fire Workshop focused on Southern California and landscape level fires occurring in the last decade. This workshop brought together land managers, researchers, and fire management personnel to continue the discussions on the topic of wildland fire impacts to at risk natural resources. The purpose of the workshop was to present, collaborate, and plan wildland fire-related research, management, responses, and future recovery as it applies to the “at risk” natural resources of San Diego County.

Project focus

Main implementing entity: San Diego Management and Monitoring Program; U.S. Geological Survey

Point of contact: Carlton Rochester

Project Page manager: Sarah McCutcheon

SDMMP lead: Yvonne Moore

Study lead: Carlton Rochester

Strategic elements

Budget year: pre FY15-1; Work plan objectives number:

Files and Documents

2013 0.0. Introduction - 2013 Fire Workshop

Author(s):Rochester, Carlton

2013 1.03 Responses of arroyo toads to wildfires

Author(s):Brown, Chris

2014 2013 Fire and Wildlife Strategic Plan Workshop San Diego County- California

Author(s):Rochester, Carlton; Fisher, Robert N.