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Proctor Valley Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) Barrier

in progress

Project description

The MSP priority objective; lmplement Fire and Wildlife Plan (FWP) is available for Quino checkerspot butterfly (SL), golden eagle (SO), and Hermes copper butterfly (SL). These species occur in Proctor Valley, or nearby on adjacent lands. While the FWP plan is yet to be available, the need to implement pre-fire actions, or fire prevention, is obvious. Preventing activities known to cause impacts, such as wildfires, is essential for the protection of these species. Other SL, SO, and SS species likely to benefit and known to occur in Proctor Valley include Northern harrier, Western burrowing owl, San Diego fairy shrimp (vernal pools), San Diego goldenstar, variegated dudleya, and Otay tarplant. While some of these species occurrences do not appear on the MSP Priority Viewer, they were recently recorded by Helix Environmental on private, State, and City owned properties in Proctor Valley. This project is intended to close one of the last remaining gaps in the Proctor Valley OHV barrier, decreasing unauthorized access to OHV activities. This proposed section of barrier was originally planned for installation in 2014, when the EMP funded 'Proctor Valley Vehicle Barriers Project', but ran out of funds following steep increases in the price of steel.

Project focus

Project type: Other

Target species: Golden eagle, Golden Eagle, Hermes copper, Quino checkerspot butterfly

Main implementing entity: California Department of Fish & Wildlife

Point of contact: Tracie Nelson

Project Page manager: Sarah McCutcheon

SDMMP lead: Sarah McCutcheon

Study lead: Tracie Nelson

Strategic elements

MSP Objectives and actions:HUMUSE-4

Files and Documents

2018 Proctor Valley OHV Barrier Project (2017) Final Report

Prepared by:California Department of Fish & Wildlife