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Proctor Valley Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) Barrier


Project description

Installation of the original Proctor Valley off-road barrier segments began in the southwest section of the valley in 2009 on City of San Diego, Public Utilities’ property and was partially funded by a Land Management Grant (#5001137). Subsequent project proposals submitted to SANDAG EMP, as well as other funding sources, resulted in additional OHV barrier sections installed on CDFW property (2010-2011; #5001327), followed in 2014, via a submission by Chaparral Lands Conservancy (and partners) for a project intended to complete the barrier along the remaining open space stretches of Proctor Valley Road (LMG #5001971). This last section included privately owned lands and CDFW’s RJER Proctor Valley East unit. The section of barrier fence included in this project was originally planned for installation in 2014, as part of the EMP funded ‘Proctor Valley Vehicle Barriers Project’ (Chaparral Lands Conservancy). However, that project ran out of funds following unexpected steep increases in the price of steel. Implementation of the CDFW project (#5004941) is consistent with the implementation of the Fire and Wildlife Action Plan (FWA) assigned to golden eagle, Quino checkerspot butterfly and Hermes copper butterfly via the limitation of access to OHV activities, thus reducing wildfire risk (and preventing other impacts) to their habitats. This project will also maintain large (>300 acres) open areas within golden eagle territories to meet foraging habitat conditions preferred by eagles. This project was intended to reduce/prevent wildfires and other impacts from unauthorized activities on conserved lands in Proctor Valley. There is an urgent need to control access and prevent impacts before such pressures lead to increased unauthorized access.With the installation of the new OHV barrier section, CDFW staff can focus limited resources on management actions necessary to prevent unauthorized vehicle intrusion from adjacent private lands, now that direct access from Proctor Valley Road has been eliminated.

Project focus

Project type: Other

Target species: Golden eagle, Golden Eagle, Hermes copper, Quino checkerspot butterfly

Main implementing entity: California Department of Fish & Wildlife; California Wildlife Foundation; City of San Diego Public Utilities; The Chaparral Lands Conservancy

Point of contact: Niki McGinnis; Tracie Nelson; Janet Cobb; Dave Hogan

Project Page manager: Sarah McCutcheon

SDMMP lead: Sarah McCutcheon

Study lead: Tracie Nelson

Strategic elements

MSP Objectives and actions:HUMUSE-4

Files and Documents

2011 Proctor Valley Off Road Vehicle Barrier Transnet Grant Final Report

Author(s):City of San Diego, Public Utilities Department Watershed and Resource Protection Team

2018 Proctor Valley OHV Barrier Project (2017) Final Report

Prepared by:California Department of Fish & Wildlife