Final Report for project entitled: Coastal Cactus Wren Habitat Enhancement In San Pasqual Valley

Type: report

Article abstract: The Safari Park Biodiversity Reserve is one of the last remaining strongholds for coastal cactus wrens in San Diego County, and the cactus scrub supports the greatest abundance of cactus wrens in San Pasqual Valley. The 2007 Witch Creek fire damaged much of the cactus scrub at the Safari Park and throughout the San Pasqual Valley. In 2010, we were awarded a TransNet grant to support and enhance the survival of coastal cactus wrens in the Valley using a strategic, multi-faceted approach. Specifically we proposed to: (1) construct a cactus propagation and salvage center that will serve as a long-term resource providing native cacti materials for restoration projects throughout the North County; (2) collect/propagate over 1,200 prickly-pear cacti per year for restoration in the San Pasqual Valley (including the Safari Park Biodiversity Reserve and partner-managed MSCP lands); (3) enhance 45 acres within the Safari Park Biodiversity Reserve through cacti enrichment plantings; (4) monitor establishment and growth of planted cacti; and monitor cactus wren abundance, distribution, and habitat use in relation to habitat characteristics and enhancement efforts.

Number of pages: 22

Authors: Endress, Bryan;

Day: 29

Month: April

Year: 2013

Notes: SANDAG TrasnNet EMP Land Management Grant #5001328

Prepared for: San Diego Association of Governments;

Prepared by: San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research;

Keywords: cactus; cactus scrub; cactus wren; Habitat Enhancement;

Species: Cactus Wren

Vegetation communities: coastal sage scrub

Threats: Altered fire regime