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Quino checkerspot butterfly Euphydryas editha quino

Goal: Protect, enhance, and restore Quino checkerspot occupied habitat and historically occupied habitat and the landscape connections between them to create resilient, self-sustaining populations that provide for persistence over the long-term (>100 years).

regional and/or local NFO 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 SL


Management units: 3, 4, 6, 9

Beginning in 2018, implement highest priority management actions for Quino checkerspot on Conserved Lands.
Action Statement Action status Projects
IMP-1 Management actions to be determined by the Quino Checkerspot Management Plan. waiting for precedent action Quino Habitat Restoration
IMP-2 Submit project metadata and management data to MSP web portal waiting for precedent action Quino Habitat Restoration
Criteria Deadline year
=1 Management actions implemented for Quino checkerspot by 2021 2021
Code Obj. code Statement
EUPEDI-6 MGT-PRP-MGTPL In 2017, begin developing an interim 5 year Quino Checkerspot Management Plan that focuses on habitat enhancement and restoration and fire management, and includes the information from the MSP Seed Collection, Banking and Bulking Plan for Quino checkerspot, at known occupied and historically occupied sites. In 2021, update and finalize the management plan with results from the captive rearing and translocation projects and combine with the monitoring plan to create a comprehensive Quino Checkerspot Management and Monitoring Plan.