Life history accounts for species in the California Wildlife Habitat Relationships (CWHR) System

Type: fact sheet

Article abstract: Life history account for American peregrine falcon

Number of pages: 2

Authors: Zeiner, D.C.;

Year: 1990

Purpose: Fact sheet for peregrine falcon species

Prepared for: California Department of Fish & Wildlife;

Prepared by: California Department of Fish and Game; California Interagency Wildlife Task Group;

Keywords: California Department of Fish and Game; California Species of Special Concern; Falco peregrinus; peregrine Falcon; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service;

Species: American peregrine falcon

Vegetation communities: dunes and coastal bluffs; grassland; chaparral; freshwater marsh; riparian forest & scrub

Threats: Climate change; Human uses of the Preserves; Pesticides; Powerlines and wind facilities; Urban development

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