2010-11 Baseline Survey Report for the Jamul Mountains Parcels of the the Otay Ranch Preserve

Type: report

Article abstract: This baseline biological resource report has been prepared for the Jamul Mountains parcels of the Otay Ranch Preserve, Assessor's Parcel Numbers 598-070-05 and 598- 070-06. The Otay Ranch Preserve is located in an unincorporated portion of southwestern San Diego County, east of the city of Chula Vista. RECON biologists conducted surveys to gather baseline biological information at the Jamul Mountains parcels during the spring and summer of 2011. The surveys consisted of vegetation mapping and general plant and wildlife surveys. Sensitive species were observed incidentally, and suitable habitat for sensitive wildlife species was also evaluated during general surveys. Three vegetation communities were mapped in the Jamul Mountains parcels during baseline surveys. Within these vegetation communities, a total of 96 native plant species and 23 non-native plant species were observed. Nine of the native plant species are considered sensitive. Wildlife observed includes nine invertebrate species,four reptile species, 28 bird species, and five mammal species. Of these,two reptile species, three bird species, and one mammal species are considered sensitive. The baseline data gathered during these surveys will be used to guide future prioritization of preserve management actions. Focused surveys for Quino checkerspot butterfly (Euphydryas editha quino) and photographic monitoring have been recommended for Fiscal Year 2011-12.

Number of pages: 66

Authors: O'Meara, Cailin; Sundberg, J.R.; Dodero, Mark;

Day: 3

Month: January

Year: 2011

Prepared for: City of Chula Vista;

Prepared by: RECON Environmental Inc.;

Keywords: baseline; Jamul; Otay Ranch Preserve; sensitive plants; sensitive species;

Species: Grasshopper sparrow; Southern California rufous-crowned sparrow; Nuttall's scrub oak; San Diego barrel cactus; San Diego marsh-elder; San Diego fairy shrimp; Thorne's hairstreak butterfly; Quino checkerspot butterfly; Southern mule deer; San Diego black-tailed jackrabbit