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Southern Mule Deer Odocoileus hemionus fuliginatus

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MSP Table of Occurrences (MOM)


Artesian Creek Restoration
Non-Invasive Genetic Sampling to Determine Movement of Southern Mule Deer Across California State Route 67
San Diego Tracking Team Transect data verification
Southern Mule Deer Genetic Study - LAG funded
SR 94 Wildlife Infrastructure Plan

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Files and Documents

2011 2010-11 Baseline Survey Report for the Jamul Mountains Parcels of the the Otay Ranch Preserve

Author(s):O'Meara, Cailin; Sundberg, J.R.; Dodero, Mark

2014 Connectivity Project Summary: Southern Mule Deer

Author(s):Bohonak, Andrew; Mitelberg, Anna

2014 Connectivity Strategic Plan for Western San Diego County Science Session - July 1, 2014 Connectivity Project Summaries

Author(s):Bohonak, Andrew; Boydston, Erin; Brehme, Cheryl; Brown, Chris; Clark, Denise; Fisher, Robert N.; Hung, Keng-Lou James; Jennings, Megan; Lewison, Rebecca; Lyren, Lisa; Mitelberg, Anna; Rochester, Carlton; Simovich, M; Tracey, Jeff; Vickers, Winston

2019 DNA Fingerprinting of Southern Mule Deer in North San Diego County, California (2018-19)

Author(s):Vandergast, Amy; Mitelberg, Anna; Smith, Julia

2019 DNA Fingerprinting of Southern Mule Deer in North San Diego County, California (2018-19)

Author(s):Mitelberg, Anna; Vandergast, Amy; Smith, Julia

2010 Effects of large-scale wildfire on carnivores in San Diego County, California

Author(s):Turschak, Greta; Rochester, Carlton; Hathaway, Stacie; Stokes, Drew; Haas, Chris; Fisher, Robert N.

2016 Microsatellite Genotyping of Deer Fecal Pellets

Author(s):Mitelberg, Anna; Vandergast, Amy