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Western Spadefoot Spea hammondii

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2019 Amphibian IBI and Hydrological Impact Score

Author(s):Fisher, Robert N.

2021 Conservation Implications of Spatiotemporal Variation in the Terrestrial Ecology of Western Spadefoots

Author(s):Halstead, Brian J.; Baumberger, Katherine; Backlin, Adam R.; Kleeman, Patrick M.; Wong, Monique N.; Gallegos, Elizabeth; Rose, Jonathan P.; Fisher, Robert N.

2004 Habitat Assessment and Baseline Surveys for the Western Spadefoot (Spea hammondii) and the Western Pond Turtle (Emys marmorata) on the Irvine Ranch Land Reserve

Author(s):Fisher, Robert N.; Trenham, Peter; Schuster, Sara L.; Backlin, Adam R.; Hathaway, Stacie; Touré, T’Shaka A.

2001 Herpetofaunal Monitoring in MSCP Region of San Diego

Author(s):Rochester, Carlton; Hathaway, Stacie; Brown, Chris; Pease, K; Fisher, Robert N.

2020 Mitigation Ponds Offer Drought Resiliency for Western Spadefoot (Spea hammondii) Populations

Author(s):Baumberger, Katherine; Backlin, Adam R.; Gallegos, Elizabeth; Hitchcock, Cynthia J.; Fisher, Robert N.

2016 MSP Roadmap Dec 31, 2016: VF Species and Vegetation Goals, Objectives, and Actions

Author(s):San Diego Management and Monitoring Program

2021 Projecting the remaining habitat for the western spadefoot (Spea hammondii) in heavily urbanized southern California

Author(s):Rose, Jonathan P.; Halstead, Brian J.; Packard, Robert H.; Fisher, Robert N.