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Mountain lion Puma concolor

Goal: Enhance and expand areas occupied by mountain lion in San Diego County in large interconnected blocks (>1,000 acres) of suitable natural vegetation surrounded by a limited number of high use roads, and increase connectivity (and reduce potential road mortality) between occupied and suitable habitat areas to allow expansion and movement of mountain lion occurrences within San Diego County and adjacent counties to increase effective population size to sustainable levels and work to reduce depredation on livestock to ensure persistence in the MSPA over the long-term (>100 years).

regional NFO 2017 SL


Management units: 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10

In 2017, finalize efforts begun in 2016, using available regional mountain lion movement data, to develop quantitative models of mountain lion movement in the MSPA to validate likely movement patterns and to assist with linkage and land protection prioritization.
Action Statement Action status Projects
RES-1 Project metadata, data, and report submitted to MSP web portal completed Mountain Lion Connectivity and Genetics Study- North San Diego County, Mountain Lion Critical Linkage Evaluation in MSPA
Criteria Deadline year
Mountain lion connectivity model completed by 2017 2021