Vernal Pool and Quino Habitat Restoration and Management Recommendations Report

Type: report

Article abstract: This report summarizes the results of the site assessment performed by EDAW, Inc., including a review of historical data, and identifies the most appropriate techniques for restoring and managing vernal pool habitat to increase sensitive species presence and hydrological function and value. The report includes five key chapters, as follows: Chapter 1.0 provides an introduction to the project and the project background; Chapter 2.0 details the vernal pool site assessment approach and summarizes the assessment results; Chapter 3.0 describes the approach to site restoration and management; Chapter 4.0 provides comprehensive restoration management recommendations for each site; and Chapter 5.0 provides the priority site recommendations based on existing grant funds, including an estimated schedule and cost for implementation.

Number of pages: 135

Month: October

Year: 2007

Notes: Report for TransNet / SANDAG 2006 City and County Vernal Pool Land Management Grant (#5000687)

Prepared for: City of San Diego, Multiple Species Conservation Program;

Prepared by: EDAW, Inc.;

Keywords: fairy shrimp; Quino checkerspot Butterfly; San Diego fairy shrimp; vernal pools;

Species: Burrowing Owl; dotseed plantain; Riverside fairy shrimp; San Diego fairy shrimp; Quino checkerspot butterfly

Vegetation communities: vernal pools and alkali playa

Threats: Human uses of the Preserves