Final Report Covered and Invasive Species Management: Crestridge Ecological Reserve and South Crest Properties

Type: report

Article abstract: This was a two year, TransNet-funded study on Crestridge Ecological Reserve and South Crest properties. Both properties support MSCP covered species and sensitive habitats, and function as critical landscape linkages between the northern and southern MSCP. Surrounded by residential development and heavily impacted by the 2003 Cedar Fire, these properties are subject to ongoing invasive plant issues. Specific task actions included invasive plant and covered plant species mapping and risk assessment s, invasive plant control and experimental studies, and development of an early detection invasive control plan.

Number of pages: 95

Day: 27

Month: June

Year: 2012

Publisher: Conservation Biology Institute

Notes: TransNet Land Management Grant Contract No. 5001586

Prepared for: San Diego Association of Governments;

Prepared by: Conservation Biology Institute;

Keywords: covered species; Crestridge Ecological Reserve; invasive plants;

Species: Parry's tetracoccus; Palmer's grapplinghook; San Diego thorn-mint; false brome; Dehesa nolina; Variegated dudleya

Threats: Invasive plants


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File description: Final Report for SANDAG Contract 5001586
File owner: San Diego Management and Monitoring Program
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