Dehesa Nolina (Nolina interrata) and Variegated Dudleya (Dudleya variegata) Augmentation

Type: report

Article abstract: Dehesa nolina (Nolina interrata) and variegated dudleya (Dudleya variegata) are narrow endemic species that are priorities for management under the San Diego Management and Monitoring Program’s Management Strategic Plan for western San Diego County. Both species declined precipitously on the South Crest Preserve after fire and subsequent invasion by nonnative plants. To stabilize and increase populations, CBI conducted a 3-year program that included seed collection, nursery propagation, and outplanting of nursery-grown plants into restored habitat.

Number of pages: 45

Month: November

Year: 2016

Notes: SANDAG TransNet EMP Land Management Grant Contract #5001763

Prepared for: SANDAG;

Prepared by: Conservation Biology Institute;

Keywords: baseline biological survey; nursery propagation; outplanting; seed collection;

Species: Dehesa nolina; Variegated dudleya

Threats: Invasive plants


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