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Dehesa Nolina Conservation and Management Strategy

The Conservation Biology Institute developed a science-based Conservation Vision and Management Strategy for Dehesa nolina in San Diego County. The Conservation Vision assessed the distribution, status, and threats of populations on conserved lands through data and literature reviews, site visits, and interviews with land managers. Products included spatial data layers, an updated matrix of threats and stressors, management recommendations, and prioritized populations for management. The Management Strategy focused on preserve-level management, using the existing Dehesa nolina population on the South Crest Preserve to test/refine management techniques, including species augmentation (seed collection, contract growing of plants, out-planting) and erosion control. These actions also benefitted Dudleya variegata (variegated dudleya) and sensitive native grassland habitat. These management actions complemented other Transnet-funded management on South Crest; techniques refined in this project are applicable to other conserved populations in the region.
Project Focus
Project type: General Management
Target vegetation: chaparral
Main implementing entity: Conservation Biology Institute
Point of contact: Patricia Gordon-Reedy
Project Page manager: Sarah McCutcheon
SDMMP lead: Annabelle Bernabe
Study lead: Patricia Gordon-Reedy
Strategic Elements
Budget year: pre FY15-1
Project Location
County: San Diego
General: South-central
MU: 3
Reports Available: Yes
Final Report Date: 2015-04-01