Conservation Vision and Management Strategy for Dehesa Nolina (Nolina interrata) in San Diego County, CA

Type: report

Article abstract: This conservation vision evaluates status and threats for the state-endangered plant species Dehesa nolina (Nolina interrata) on conserved lands in San Diego County, prioritizes management actions by population, and identifies survey and research needs. This document supplements information in the Management Strategic Plan (MSP) for Conserved Lands in western San Diego County (SDMMP 2016). The management strategy in Appendix A is consistent with the MSP with respect to threats and stressors, management focus group, and management goals and objectives.

Month: April

Year: 2015

Publisher: Conservation Biology Institute

Notes: San Diego Association of Governments Environmental Mitigation Program Grant 5001763

Prepared for: San Diego Association of Governments;

Prepared by: Conservation Biology Institute;

Species: Dehesa nolina


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