Quarry Creek Preserve Management Plan

Type: report

Article abstract: INTRODUCTION 1.1 PURPOSE FOR INCLUSION OF THE PRESERVE AREA IN THE HMP The purpose of this Preserve Management Plan (PMP) is to provide long-term management, monitoring, and reporting guidelines that are consistent with the San Diego County's Multiple Habitat Conservation Program (MHCP), Carlsbad Open Space Management Plan (OSMP) (Technology Associates International Corporation [TAIC], 2004) and the City of Carlsbad Habitat Management Plan (HMP), for a biological open space parcel associated with the Former South Coast Materials Quarry Creek Reclamation Plan. This open space parcel is to be managed for the purpose of preserving sensitive resources and to meet the Hanson Aggregates' obligation under the Former South Coast Quarry Reclamation Plan Final Environmental Impact Report (HELIX 2010a and b) and the Biological Opinion for the Former South Coast Reclamation Plan (USFWS 2011), as well as to be consistent with the MHCP, OSMP, and HMP. 1.2 PURPOSE OF THE PRESERVE MANAGEMENT PLAN The purpose of this PMP is to: Meet the requirements for environmental documentation to comply with state and federal statutes and regulations; Identify required personnel qualifications for implementing management goals and objectives; Serve as a budget planning aid for annual budget preparation; Provide an overview of the preserve's management goals and objectives as well as specific directives for the protection and management of native habitats and wildlife; Summarize existing data on the native habitats, plants, and wildlife which occur on or use this property; and Outline appropriate public uses of the preserve and its resources.

Number of pages: 60

Day: 16

Month: June

Year: 2011

Prepared for: Hanson Aggregates West, Inc.;

Prepared by: Helix Environmental Planning, Inc.;

Keywords: Buena Vista Creek; habitat restoration; vegetation communities;

Species: Burrowing Owl; Least Bell's vireo; Southwestern pond turtle; Southwestern willow flycatcher; Arroyo toad; Coastal California gnatcatcher

Vegetation communities: riparian forest & scrub