Type: report

Article abstract: ICF Jones & Stokes conducted a baseline biodiversity study of the County of San Diego's (County) Lakeside Linkage Preserve (Preserve) to provide the Department of Parks and Recreation with biological data to develop a Resource Management Plan (RMP) including Area Specific Management Directives (ASMDs). The Preserve consists of moderately high value natural communities and is located in the unincorporated community of Lakeside, southwest of Lake Jennings, and approximately 16 miles northeast of downtown San Diego. This report summarizes all survey methodologies and data collected during the 2008 survey period (February through October 2008). This report also includes recommendations for adaptive management, including management and monitoring of vegetation communities and sensitive plants and habitats, control of invasive non-native plants, and management and monitoring of sensitive wildlife species, including species covered by the South County Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP). To provide a baseline evaluation of biological resources, the following studies were conducted by ICF Jones & Stokes, in addition to general, qualitative evaluation of each of the Preserve properties: (1) pitfall trap arrays to sample amphibians, reptiles, and small mammals; (2) focused surveys for Hermes Copper Butterfly; (3) avian point counts; (4) Coastal California Gnatcatcher surveys; (5) nocturnal bird surveys; (6) acoustic sampling and roost surveys for bats; (7) small mammal trapping; (8) a track and sign survey for medium-to-large mammals; and (9) a camera station survey for medium-to-large mammals. In addition, the following surveys were previously conducted and the data was provided to ICF Jones & Stokes for incorporation by reference: (1) 2001 general reconnaissance surveys, vegetation mapping, avian point counts, and Coastal California Gnatcatcher spot mapping conducted on the central and western properties and (2) spring and summer 2007 vegetation mapping and rare plant surveys conducted on the western, central, and eastern properties. Surveys conducted in 2007 and 2008 documented six land cover types and 127 species that were detected throughout the Preserve. Our surveys detected 62 bird species, 26 mammal species (nine bats, eight small mammals, and nine medium and large bodied mammals), 10 herptiles (zero amphibians and 10 reptiles), and 29 invertebrate species. This list includes 20 sensitive species six of which are M

Number of pages: 94

Month: December

Year: 2008

Prepared for: County of San Diego, Department of Parks and Recreation;

Prepared by: ICF Jones & Stokes;

Keywords: animal tracks; avian point counts; bat surveys; bird surveys; Invasive Plant Treatment; Lakeside Linkage Open Space Preserve; MSCP; pitfall traps; Rare plant; rare plant surveys; sensitive plants; sensitive species; small mammal trapping; vegetation communities; vegetation mapping;

Species: gum; Peruvian peppertree; tree of heaven; olive; torhleaf goldeneye; crimson fountaingrass; Hermes copper; Coastal California gnatcatcher