Preserve Management Plan for the Cantarini Ranch Preserve, Carlsbad, California

Type: report

Article abstract: Introduction This Preserve Management Plan (PMP) provides a framework for the enhancement and management of biological open space known as the "Cantarini Ranch Preserve", which consists of approximately 55.2 acres of preserved land in the city of Carlsbad, San Diego County, California (Figures 1 and 2). The Preserve is mitigation for one of two developments approved at the same time, Cantarini Ranch and Holly Springs. The tentative maps for Cantarini Ranch and the adjacent property to the north, Holly Springs, were evaluated as a single project under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) given the proximity of the properties, timing of development, and the similar nature of environmental impacts. The Cantarini Ranch project includes development of 105 single-family homes, an 80-unit multi-family housing project, and the Cantarini Ranch Preserve within the 156.72-acre Cantarini Ranch property. The Holly Springs project includes 42 single-family homes and a separate open space preserve within the adjacent 119.85-acre Holly Springs property. The final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Cantarini/Holly Springs Developments (EIR 02-02; SCH 2002101081), was approved by the City of Carlsbad (City) on December 7, 2004 (City of Carlsbad 2004a). The applicants for Cantarini Ranch, Holly Springs, and the multi-family housing lot decided to proceed independently, and thus, this plan only addresses management of the Cantarini Ranch Preserve. The habitat on the 0.97-acre Open Space Lot 123 on the north side of the multi-family lot will be included in and maintained as a part of the PMP for the Holly Springs Tentative Map CT 00-21 (S. Kelly & K. Cablay, pers. comm., 9/15/11). The dedication of the open space and the implementation of the associated PMP fulfill a portion of the mitigation required for impacts to the biological resources associated with development of the Cantarini Ranch property. This plan will become effective upon preservation of the Cantarini Ranch Preserve by way of a restrictive covenant or conservation easement. The Preserve will be managed by a preserve manager (as defined below) with the exception of the areas to be restored. The maintenance and monitoring of the restoration areas, related to the restoration activities only, will be the responsibility of the Property Owner until successful completion and approval by the City and Wildlife Agencies of the five-year maintenance and monitoring activit

Number of pages: 61

Authors: Loeffler, Wendy;

Day: 28

Month: September

Year: 2011

Prepared for: Bent–West, LLC;

Prepared by: RECON Environmental Inc.;

Keywords: Cantarini Ranch Preserve; MHCP; sensitive plants; sensitive species;

Species: Cooper's hawk; Northern harrier; Yellow-breasted chat; Nuttall's scrub oak; California adolphia; San Diego black-tailed jackrabbit; Coastal California gnatcatcher

Vegetation communities: coastal sage scrub; oak woodland; chaparral