2008 Surveys Cactus Wren and California Gnatcatchers San Dieguito River Valley, San Diego County

Type: report

Article abstract: The San Dieguito River Valley (SDRV), consisting of the San Pasqual Valley and Lake Hodges, is one of the most significant natural open spaces in San Diego County. This area supports a major recreational amenity, the San Dieguito River Park (SDRP), as well as habi-tat for several species covered and permitted by the Multiple Species Conservation Pro-gram (MSCP). The 2007 Witch Fire burned a substantial portion of the SDRV, including more than 60% of the SDRP. The extremely high natural resource and recreational values in this area emphasize the need and urgency for fire recovery efforts.

Number of pages: 112

Authors: Hamilton, Robert;

Day: 9

Month: January

Year: 2009

Prepared for: Conservation Biology Institute;

Prepared by: Hamilton, Robert;

Keywords: cactus wren; California gnatcatcher; Coastal Cactus Wren; gnatcatcher; San Dieguito River Valley;

Species: Coastal cactus wren; Coastal California gnatcatcher