Rarest Plants II Project Final Report

Type: report

Article abstract: The purpose of the EMP grant is to improve the conservation status of three high-priority MSP plants: Orcutt's spineflower (SL); short-leaved dudleya (SL), and Orcutt's brodiaea (SO). The goals of the EMP grant are to significantly increase available seed and to restore, supplement, and protectively manage populations of three high-priority MSP SL and SO plant species, and to monitor results. Objectives under the EMP grant include: Seed bulking for all three species; control of invasive weeds for all three species; establishment of one new Orcutt's spineflower occurrence; supplementation of population numbers and stewardship management to maintain approximately sixteen existing occurrences of Orcutt's spineflower and one existing occurrence each of short-leaved dudleya and Orcutt's brodiaea; and renewing permits for Project work.

Number of pages: 14

Day: 17

Month: May

Year: 2022

Notes: SANDAG TransNet Environmental Mitigation Program (EMP) Land Management Grant: #5005511

Prepared for: San Diego Association of Governments;

Prepared by: The Chaparral Lands Conservancy;

Keywords: Chorizanthe orcuttiana; land management grant; Orcutt's Brodiaea; Rare plant; rare plants; Short-leaved dudleya; TransNet;

Species: Orcutt's spineflower; Orcutt's brodiaea; Short-leaved dudleya