Arthropod Ecosystem Services as Indicators of Ecosystem Health and Resiliency for Conservation Management and Climate Change Planning

Type: report

Article abstract: Our overall goal was to assess the resilience of the insect communities associated with pollination and decomposition. In order to quantify resilience, we studied the composition of the insect community and used this information to explore redundancy (multiple species performing similar functions). This ecosystem-level approach answers the call for more direct measurements of ecosystem functions and natural processes written in the MSCP and other conservation plans.

Number of pages: 46

Authors: Marschalek, Dan; Deutschman, Douglas;

Day: 31

Month: March

Year: 2016

Purpose: 2014 Environment Blasker Grant

Prepared for: The San Diego Foundation;

Prepared by: San Diego State University;

Keywords: climate change; conservation planning; ecosystem services; insects; Pollinators;

Species: San Diego thorn-mint; Otay tarplant

Threats: Climate change