Biological Monitoring Status Report for Crestridge Ecological Reserve and South Crest Properties

Type: report

Article abstract: In 2012, the Conservation Biology Institute (CBI) conducted covered species monitoring and management on the Crestridge Ecological Reserve (CER) and South Crest properties (South Crest) in San Diego County, California. Covered species monitoring focused on detecting and/or assessing the status of four MSCP covered plant species: San Diego thornmint (Acanthomintha ilicifolia), Lakeside ceanothus (Ceanothus cyaneus), variegated dudleya (Dudleya variegata), and Dehesa beargrass (Nolina interrata). Survey and monitoring strategies included presence/absence surveys, and baseline and core monitoring (including photomonitoring). One additional sensitive plant was mapped on South Crest: rush-like bristleweed (Xanthisma junceum). Covered species management was conducted on both CER and South Crest for San Diego thommint.

Number of pages: 34

Month: December

Year: 2012

Prepared for: Endangered Habitats Conservancy;

Prepared by: Conservation Biology Institute;

Keywords: biological monitoring; Crestridge Ecological Reserve;

Species: Lakeside ceanothus; San Diego thorn-mint; Dehesa nolina; Variegated dudleya


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