Habitat Management and Monitoring Plan for the Crestridge Ecological Reserve- 2009

Type: report

Article abstract: The Crestridge Ecological Reserve is an approximately 2,638-acre Ecological Reserve as designated by the California Fish and Game Commission and a unit of the Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP) in San Diego County. The property is subject to a Conservation Bank Agreement with the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG). Designation as an ecological reserve has protected Crestridge from the threat of development. The goals of the MSCP are consistent with the goals of an Ecological Reserve. The MSCP provides special protection for the irreplaceable resources in San Diego County and guides development outside of biological resource core areas. Protection of these irreplaceable resources is vital to the general welfare of all residents. Central to the MSCP is the maintenance of ecosystems and vegetation communities that support sensitive species and fragile, regionally declining resources. The MSCP's goal is to prevent future endangerment of the plants and animals that are dependent on these habitats. A draft of this plan was initially developed in February 2002 for an approximately 2,377-acre reserve area. Since that time, there have been major changes on the reserve: Approximately 261 acres formerly conserved as mitigation by the San Diego County Water Authority have been added to the western end of the reserve. Approximately 1,900 acres of the reserve burned in the 2003 Cedar fire, and EHC and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CalFire) have reevaluated fire management strategies for the reserve. A cultural resource management plan was prepared for a portion of the reserve and is included in this updated plan. Several biological management and monitoring projects have been initiated; these are summarized in Section 8.1 of this plan. The Earth Discovery Institute has been established, and educational programs have been implemented through a series of grants. Endangered Habitats Conservancy 1-2 February 2009 An interpretive kiosk has been built at the entrance of the reserve, as a symbol of the legacy and significance of the land to the surrounding residential community. Thus, this draft plan is to incorporate these changes and update the management and monitoring needs for the reserve. This management and monitoring plan is intended to cover current and future land additions to the reserve, with specific management and monitoring needs to be developed in accordance with this plan as lands are added.

Number of pages: 108

Month: February

Year: 2009

Purpose: To identify changes and updates to the management and monitoring needs fo the Crestridge Ecological Reserve.

Prepared for: California Department of Fish and Game;

Prepared by: Conservation Biology Institute; Endangered Habitats Conservancy;

Keywords: Crestridge; Crestridge Habitat Reserve; Management; Monitoring; San Diego;

Species: Lakeside ceanothus; San Diego thorn-mint

Vegetation communities: coastal sage scrub; oak woodland; chaparral; riparian forest & scrub