San Diego Management & Monitoring Program


Type: report

Article abstract: This report summarizes the results of the monitoring and habitat management activities within the 4S Ranch Specific Plan Area for the 2010-11 monitoring period. The Specific Plan Area includes open space preserve areas in the northerly, central, and southerly sections of the 2,891- acre 4S Ranch development area. The development includes residential neighborhoods, estate lots and a mixed-use district. The monitoring and long term habitat management work for this project is being conducted in accordance with the 4S Ranch Habitat Management Plan (RMA Consultants, revised September 1999). A total of approximately 547 acres of open space area comprises the 4S Ranch Specific Plan Area. Of that amount, 312 acres are located in the northern portion of the project, adjacent to the Ralphs Family Ranch Preserve Section. A second open space area totaling 5 acres is located within the center of the project, associated with Artesian Creek, adjacent to Camino Del Norte. This area contains a wetland mitigation site that was completed in July 2006. This area, while part of the overall development open space area, is not technically part of the Habitat Management Plan (HMP) management area, nor part of the Lake Hodges Segment of the County's Multiple Species Conservation Plan (MSCP) Subarea Plan, due to its relative isolation from other major natural preserve areas. This area is managed by the 4S Ranch Master Home Owner Association (HOA). A third open space area totaling 230 acres is located in the southerly portion of the site, within La Jolla Valley, surrounding the Lusardi Creek riparian corridor. The northerly portion of the open space area is being preserved and managed as a natural habitat area. Two designated trails are located in this area, associated with pipeline corridors to water tanks on the easterly and westerly hillsides. The southern portion of the open space area includes a portion of Lusardi Creek, two manmade reservoirs, and surrounding habitat. The area includes a wetland mitigation site between the two reservoirs along the Lusardi Creek riparian corridor. The wetland mitigation area encompasses approximately 7.3 acres of land wherein riparian habitat was established on either side of Lusardi Creek. The wetland mitigation area completed its monitoring program in late 2009 and was accepted by the resource agencies in February 2010. Newland California/4S Kelwood General Partnership has been responsible for the long-term man

Number of pages: 28

Month: September

Year: 2011

Prepared for: Newland California/4S Kelwood GP;

Prepared by: Dudek;

Keywords: 4S Ranch; MSCP; Witch Creek Fire;

Species: tamarisk; gum; sweet fennel; tree tobacco; cardoon; Thread-leaved brodiaea