Type: report

Article abstract: INTRODUCTION In 1997, the City of San Diego signed an Implementing Agreement with the wildlife agencies (United States Fish and Wildlife Service [USFWS] and the California Department of Fish and Game [CDFG]) to implement the City's Subarea Plan, prepared to comply with the requirements of the California Natural Community Conservation Planning (NCCP) Act of 1992. The Subarea Plan (City of San Diego, 1997) and the Biological Monitoring Plan for the Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP) (Ogden, 1996) direct the implementation and monitoring of the City's portion of the MSCP Preserve. These plans identify the known populations of covered plant and animal species to monitor and also identify the need for more complete distribution information for many of these species. Covered species are those species addressed or "covered" by the MSCP Plan and the City's Subara Plan, and for which endangered species take authorizations have been issued by USFWS and CDFG. Although the City has initiated the monitoring for some of the covered plant species, this monitoring has not included all of the covered plant species within the City's MSCP lands and has not included all of the known populations for each of these species. As part of the MSCP requirements, the City of San Diego will establish monitoring programs for these species and will also ensure that the database for the covered plants within the City is accurate and complete.

Number of pages: 91

Month: February

Year: 2002

Prepared for: City of San Diego, Planning and Development;

Prepared by: McMillan Biological Consulting; Conservation Biology Institute;

Keywords: biological monitoring plan; MSCP; NCCP; Nuttall's lotus; San Diego Multiple Species Conservation Program;

Species: San Diego thorn-mint; San Diego ambrosia; Short-leaved dudleya; Willowy monardella