San Diego Management & Monitoring Program

Attachment A - Scope of Work Coastal Cactus Wren Habitat Mapping and Estimation of Population Occupancy Following the 2007 Wildfires

Type: other

Number of pages: 5

Year: 2010

Purpose: The coastal cactus wren is a covered species under regional conservation plans. Maintaining persistent populations of this species is both a concern of land managers and a requirement of regional preserves. Given the extent and severity of the 2003 and 2007 wildfires in San Diego County there is an increase cause for concern in understanding the amount of available habitat and the percent of that habitat that is occupied. The USFWS has developed and refined a protocol for conducting coastal cactus wren monitoring. USFWS tested the protocol by completing surveys in 2009, with the support of SANDAG.

Prepared for: San Diego Association of Governments;

Prepared by: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service;

Keywords: 2007 Wildfires; Coastal Cactus Wren; habitat mapping; October 2003 Wildfires;

Species: Coastal cactus wren