Threats and Stressors

San Diego River Channel

This project will take place on 148 acres of the San Diego River Biological Corridor between Santee border to Channel Road in Lakeside. The largest threat to the river is illegal lodging. Homeless individuals and groups in Lakeside always want to use the San Diego River Channel for illegal lodging and we are starting to get hunters in the riverbed as well. Although everyone makes their best effort to ensure that we remove the camps, it is done on an ad hoc basis without regular staff support. Recently, there has been an uptick in illegal lodging in the riverbed. This ls due to their use of a large culvert that drains into the river as as well as the removal of other illegal lodging locations in other areas of the river in other communities. All of the communities along the river are working hard to remove this population, which just creates a shuffle of individuals and camps between areas and communities. We have also had reports of hunters in he river. This needs be be stopped. With homeless comes trash, the cutting of fences, the removal of hazardous waste including sanitary issues, as well as needles and drug paraphernalia.
Project Focus
Project type: General Management
Target vegetation: riparian forest & scrub
Main implementing entity: Lakeside River Park Conservancy
Point of contact: Robin Rierdan
Project Page manager: Sarah McCutcheon
SDMMP lead: Sarah McCutcheon
Study lead: Robin Rierdan