San Diego Management & Monitoring Program

Threats and Stressors
Arundo Treatment in San Luis Rey, Santa Margarita, and San Dieguito Watersheds

in progress

Project description

This project is a three-year re-treatment/control of Arundo in order to obtain 100% eradication in the San Luis Rey and Santa Margarita watershed. This project will also fund the first round of re-treatments on over half of the San Dieguito watershed. Mission Resource Conservation District will coordinate this project with San Diego River Partners to ensure work is not duplicated in the San Diego River Valley. Additionally any cut or chipped material will be removed from the project sites. Finally, re-treatment is included for the city of San Diego property currently mapped as not included in re-treatment areas.

Project focus

Project type: General Management

Target species: giant reed, giant reed

Target vegetation: riparian forest & scrub

Main implementing entity: Mission Resource Conservation District

Partner: San Dieguito River Park

Project Page manager: Sarah McCutcheon

SDMMP lead: Sarah McCutcheon

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