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Badger Connectivity Phase 2


Project description

In 2014, a follow up study was conducted to the initial 2011 rapid assessment for the American badger. The objectives were to identify target areas with potentially higher densities of badgers and to better assess the level of connectivity between known occupied areas. Thirty canine scent surveys for badger scat were conducted (15 funded under Natural Community Conservation Plan (NCCP) Local Assistance Grant (LAG) Grant P1282109 and 15 funded by San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG)). This study involved: 1) additional focused surveys to identify areas occupied by badgers, and 2) determination of the number of badgers at various locations using genetic tests of scat or hair to identify individuals.

Project protocol

Name: Research of American Badgers

Description: Protocol includes: canine scent surveys, badger sign surveys, scat DNA testing, hair snags, infrared cameras, and outreach efforts.

Project location

County: San Diego

Project spatial boundary

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Project focus

Project type: Monitoring

Target species: American badger

Target vegetation: chaparral, coastal sage scrub, grassland

Implementing entities

Data steward: Cheryl Brehme

Investigator: Robert N. Fisher; Amy Vandergast

Main implementing entity: U.S. Geological Survey

Point of contact: Cheryl Brehme

SDMMP lead: Sarah McCutcheon

Study lead: Cheryl Brehme; Dustin Wood

Project funding agreements

Funds use: Primary Source

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Strategic elements

Budget year: pre FY15-1 Work plan objectives number:

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