San Diego Management & Monitoring Program


Management agency: U.S. Forest Service
Management unit: 3,9,4,10,5,11,8

MSP Goals and objectives associated with this preserve

MSP-MOM species

Arroyo toad (SO)
Gander's ragwort (SO)
Harbison's Dun Skipper (SL)
Hermes copper (SL)
Least Bell's vireo (SO)
Mountain lion (SL)
Northern harrier (SO)
Orcutt's brodiaea (SO)
Quino checkerspot butterfly (SL)
San Diego thorn-mint (SO)
Santa Rosa basalt brodiaea (SS)
Southern mule deer (SS)
Southwestern pond turtle (SL)
Southwestern willow flycatcher (SL)
Thread-leaved brodiaea (SS)
Townsend's big-eared bat (SO)

Vegetation communities

Bell's Sparrow
Blainville's horned lizard
Coast range newt
Southern mule deer

Coastal Sage Scrub
Blainville's horned lizard
Coastal California gnatcatcher
Western spadefoot

Stephens' kangaroo rat

Oak Woodland
Coast range newt
Southern mule deer

Riparian Forest & Scrub
Coast range newt
Least Bell's vireo
Two-striped garter snake
Yellow-breasted chat

Vernal Pools And Alkali Playa
Western spadefoot


Five Year Site Occupancy, Nesting Success, Movement Behavior, and Genetic Structure of Golden Eagles in Western San Diego County, California
Blaineville's Horned Lizard Genetics Study
Cactus Wren Genetic Study - Regional
Cactus Wren Genetic Study - San Diego and Orange County
California Gnatcatcher Genetic Study - FundSource 1 and 2
California Gnatcatcher Post-Fire Study
California Gnatcatcher South Coast Regional Monitoring Program
Hermes Copper Management Studies on Conserved Lands in San Diego County
Post-Fire Monitoring - Arroyo Toad Surveys
Rare Plant Baseline Surveys
Southwestern Willow Flycatcher Status and Demography
Synthesis of the Response and Recovery of Plants and Animals to the 2003 and 2007 San Diego Wildfires
Two-Year Evaluation of Hermes Copper (Lycaena hermes)
USFWS California Gnatcatcher Monitoring 2004-2009
Vegetation Mapping and Classification 2012

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