MCAS Miramar Willowy Monardella Management 2000-2015

Type: report

Article abstract: This is a species management document for Willowy Monardella. This document contains recommendations in an effort to establish guidelines for the conservation on willowy monardella, a federally listed endangered plant. The recommendations is applicable to all areas of Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.

Number of pages: 51

Authors: Kassebaum, JoEllen; MCAS Miramar;

Year: 2015

Publisher: MCAS Miramar

Prepared for: MCAS Miramar;

Prepared by: MCAS Miramar; Kassebaum, JoEllen;

Keywords: endangered plants; Miramar; willowy monardella;

Species: willowy monardella

Vegetation communities: riparian forest & scrub

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