San Pasqual Valley Integrated Weed Management Plan

Type: report

Article abstract: This Integrated Weed Management Plan (WMP) was developed for the City of San Diego Public Utilities Department to devise an adaptive, comprehensive plan that locates, identifies, quantifies, prioritizes, and provides recommendations for invasive weed species management within the approximately 7,405-acre San Pasqual Valley Weed Management Area (WMA). It is the intent of this WMP to be adaptive, flexible, and responsive to changing site conditions on an annual basis, including discovery of new invasive species not yet present or known to be growing in the WMA. The landscape scale plan complements regional land management objectives and will utilize the management levels and strategies articulated in the Management Priorities for Invasive Non-native Plants: A Strategy for Regional Implementation (SANDAG 2012). Public Utilities can emulate the WMP at other sites.

Number of pages: 188

Month: January

Year: 2013

Notes: SANDAG TransNet EMP Land Management Grant #5001588

Prepared for: City of San Diego Public Utilities;

Prepared by: Dudek;

Keywords: Invasive; invasive plant removal; Invasive Plant Treatment; invasive plants; San Pasqual Valley; weed control;

Threats: Invasive plants