2007 Technical Report of Findings for Adult Quino Checkerspot Butterfly Surveys at the Dulzura Fuel Break

Type: report

Article abstract: ECORP Consulting, Inc (ECORP) was retained by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to conduct presence/absence surveys for the federally ndangered Quino checkerspot butterfly (Euphydryas editha quino) at the Dulzura Fuel Break located in the County of San Diego, California. Six Quino checkerspot butterfly (QCB) adult focused surveys were conducted in accordance with the most recent protocol guidelines for this species (USFWS 2002) along anapproximately 1.5-mile stretch of the Dulzura Fuel Break during the 2007 flight season. The surveys resulted in thifteen QCB detections over the course of the surveys, the peak of which occurred in late March.

Number of pages: 57

Year: 2007

Purpose: Report of findings from presence/absence surveys conducted for the Quino checkerspot butterfly at the Dulzura fuel break in 2007.

Prepared for: Bureau of Land Management;

Prepared by: ECORP Consulting, Inc.;

Keywords: BLM; butterfly; Dulzura; ECORP; Euphydryas editha quino; fuel break; Quino checkerspot Butterfly; San Diego;

Species: Quino checkerspot butterfly