Marschalek and Deutschman 2017 Hermes Copper Habitat Conservation and Management Plan

Type: report

Article abstract: This plan fulfills the MSP Roadmap objective: “In 2017, complete a five-year Hermes Copper Management Plan that includes the results from butterfly surveys and habitat assessments and genetic, marking, and translocation studies to develop a management strategy and to identify and prioritize site specific management actions. The plan should employ the modeling results to identify potential fire and climate refugia that may be suitable sites for future translocations and provide specific recommendations for reducing fire risk at occurrences at highest risk.”

Number of pages: 40

Authors: Marschalek, Dan; Deutschman, Douglas;

Day: 24

Month: April

Year: 2017

Purpose: This document has been prepared to help meet MSP Roadmap Goals and Objectives for management of the Hermes copper in the MSP area (Appendix A and B). It is based on the information currently available for the species, and can be modified as new information is obtained.

Prepared for: San Diego Association of Governments;

Prepared by: San Diego State University, Department of Biology;

Keywords: Hermes copper (Lycaena hermes);

Species: Hermes copper

Vegetation communities: coastal sage scrub


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File owner: San Diego Management and Monitoring Program
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