Poinsettia Place Preserve Management Plan

Type: report

Article abstract: INTRODUCTION A. Purpose of Inclusion of the Preserve Area in the HMP This Preserve Management Plan (PMP) details the maintenance and management measures necessary to preserve southern maritime chaparral habitat and the sensitive plants it contains within an on-site, 11.5- acre Preserve Area (Figures 1 - 5) on the Poinsettia Place project site. The Preserve Area has been preserved as partial compensatory mitigation for environmental effects of Sierra Linda Development, LLC's Poinsettia Place Project in Carlsbad, California (City). This PMP has been prepared in accordance with requirements of the Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND), the approved Mitigation, Monitoring and Management Program (MMRP; City 2006), the Habitat Management Plan Permit (HMPP 06-08) and the Carlsbad Habitat Management Plan (HMP; City 2004). B. Preserve Area History The Preserve Area is part of the larger, 20.42-acre Poinsettia Place property. The Preserve Area has not been developed but contains disturbed portions with pedestrian trails, trash and debris piles, and patches of invasive plant species resulting from colonization exacerbated by human incursion and itinerant uses. The Preserve was created in 2006 as a result of the City's approval of the MND for the Poinsettia Place project. Trails, trash, debris and invasive plants have degraded some of the underlying habitat services provided by the Preserve Area, but much of the vegetation is still native and undisturbed. Surrounding land uses include residential development to the north and west, cleared agricultural land to the south, and native habitat to the east. C. Purpose of This Management Plan This PMP plan guides management of habitats and species described herein to achieve the City's obligation to protect and enhance wildlife values under the MHCP, HMP, and Implementing Agreement. This plan serves as a guide for appropriate public uses of the Preserve Area. It also serves as a descriptive inventory of native plant and wildlife species and habitats, which occur on or use this Preserve Area. This PMP details the management measures necessary to comply with federal and state Endangered Species acts and the Natural Community Conservation Program (NCCP) including the City's Habitat Management Plan for Natural Communities in the City of Carlsbad (City 2004) and San Diego Association of Governments Multiple Habitat Conservation Program (MHCP) Plan (SANDAG 2003), as well as permits and agreement

Number of pages: 97

Day: 21

Month: March

Year: 2011



Keywords: biological monitoring; habitat maintenance; vegetation communities;

Species: Del Mar manzanita; Nuttall's scrub oak; summer holly; Wart-stemmed ceanothus; Coastal California gnatcatcher